Aramco Asia holds forum to enhance quality awareness

In the presence of more than 130 participants from Japan, Korea, China, India, Singapore, and Southeast Asia, Aramco Asia Engineering and Technical Services (E&TS) recently hosted the annual quality exchange meeting with seven accredited inspection agencies. It was held virtually to ensure work safety and participants' health.

This year, the forum featured the theme of “Sustainability: Improving our products, people, and planet.” In his opening remarks, Omar M. Al-Amudi, Representative director of Aramco Asia-Japan, emphasized the importance of adopting and deploying new inspection technologies with the highest level of inspection services to address future manufacturing and engineering challenges.

Commenting on the forum, Anwar A. Al Hejazi, president of Aramco Asia, said, “It is always a great pleasure to host the annual quality exchange meeting. We have a strong commitment to quality inspection that is built on our cooperation, mutual respect, and shared values. The event today sends a clear message to our partners that we are fully committed to developing long-term partnerships with our major quality service providers to ensure a safe working environment and operational excellence.”

Major Achievements

Yasser S. Al-Subhi, Aramco Asia Quality Management head, provided information on the vision and mission of corporate quality management, inspection services, challenges, and mitigation plans for all functions across the Asia Pacific region.

The forum also highlighted this year's major achievements, new technologies, and upcoming services. Jin-Mi Jung, Quality Management coordinator from Aramco Korea, presented overall inspection agency performances and recommendations to improve the overall level of inspection.

Representatives from seven inspection agencies shared their best practices, lessons learned, challenges, and area of improvement in terms of eight elements from the Inspection Agency Performance Index, ranging from the Work Order assignment process to inspector qualification process.

Top-notch inspection

These presentations provided a valuable venue to pursue the highest level of inspection services through collaboration between Aramco Asia and the inspection agencies.

Aramco Asia E&TS vice president Mohammad W. Al-Qahtani concluded the event by encouraging the partnering inspection agencies to maintain top-notch inspection services, and emphasized the importance to ensure quality engineers and inspection agencies receive all the support needed to maintain good performance.

This event is part of a continuous effort by E&TS to improve contractor services, elevate quality awareness, and address common issues.

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