LP Gas Emergency Relief Program

People and community

In 2009, Saudi Aramco launched an emergency relief program together with Iwatani Corporation, one of its long standing LPG customers, aiming to prepare for calamities that may occur in the future.

The fund subscribed by the two companies ensures lifelines to areas in Japan affected by large scale natural disaster, such as earthquake and typhoon, through the provision of portable LPG cooking stoves and canisters free of charge. The goods are being stored at Iwatani's warehouses all over Japan and shall be distributed when requested by the emergency response headquarters of local government bodies.

The program was first activated only 4 hours after the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. 14,112 units of LPG cooking stoves together with 85,152 LPG canisters were delivered to the people in the disaster-hit areas where all the public utilities were down.

This program was also activated in the wake of Kumamoto Earthquake (2016), Western Japan Floods (2018), Hokkaido Earthquake (2018),  Chiba and East Japan typhoons (2019), and Heavy rain of July, Reiwa 2 (2020).

Saudi Aramco and Iwatani received a letter of appreciation by the Minister of State for Disaster Management in recognition of the contribution in 2016.

More than 50% of Japan’s LPG imports are consumed by households. LPG has a clear advantage in distribution to and usage by those who cope with natural disasters.

How is the program implemented?

In response to requests from local governments of disaster-affected areas or the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), Aramco and Iwatani Corporation make a decision to activate the program. Following the activation, Iwatani Corporation arranges and distributes the relief supplies.