Our team

Our presence in Japan

We have a fully integrated set of departments that work together to provide professional and intelligent services to our partners and customers.

Marketing Services and Portfolio Management

Aramco Japan’s marketing team manages all the relationships with Saudi Aramco’s partner businesses in Japan and Taiwan. As part of that we monitor and report on relevant market activities and identify opportunities for joint ventures and commercial partnerships.

Business Origination and Technology

Our main objective is to promote and support new business and technology transferring to Saudi Aramco and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by identifying and introducing potential and qualified opportunities from Japanese cutting-edge technologies.

Management & Strategic Studies Support

Our team is continually researching and analyzing market developments, and communicating our findings to key stakeholders. We’re well equipped to fine tune proposals to fulfil unmet needs, helping our current and future partners to build competitive advantage.

Strategic Procurement and Logistics

As the Japanese arm of the world’s largest oil company Saudi Aramco, we’re able to access and facilitate the delivery of materials and services at the lowest overall cost. We also manage the supply chain to maximize efficiency without compromising on quality or time.

Human Resources

We manage and promote efficient working practices across all sizes of corporation. We’re fully versed in Japanese employment and business law and ensure full compliance across any venture we support.


Finance team’s roles are related to all the business activities of Aramco Japan and we support management in terms of finance & accounting, taxation, management accounting and budgetary control. Having function of internal control, we are performing a variety of back-office tasks in association with other oversea offices of Saudi Aramco group.

Information Technology

Our Information Technology Unit designs, manages and operates a range of IT services for Aramco Japan and all Aramco Asia offices in the region, as well as support the various project management teams operating across Asia. Activities encompass networking and computing systems; communications tools, such as voice, data and video services; business applications; and network security and protection.

Engineering and Technical Services

Our department is to be the best-in class service provider to Saudi Aramco, while striving to be the center of engineering and quality excellence by leading manufactures, identifying technologies and innovations within the Energy and Chemical Industry at the Asia Continent. By sourcing the right people, technologies and materials, Engineering and Technical Services enables the efficient completion of highly complex and ambitious gas and oil programs, both upstream and downstream. That, together with our integrated engineering and quality management procedures, ensures the projects we complete are world class level.

We are committed to support Saudi Aramco corporate strategy via promoting quality culture and value creation, attract, grow and retain quality professionals, excel and sustain provision of cost-effective quality management services including risk management, inspection, engineering support, technology identification, development, benchmarking and innovation in the Asian Region.

Quality Assurance team plays a major role in ensuring our processes and the final product meet the expectations of our customers.  Engineering team conduct engineering studies and identify new technologies to mitigate the technical challenges in Saudi Aramco facilities, conduct technical assessments of new manufacturers and provide technical support to Saudi Aramco and JVs Projects. In addition, E&TS is focusing on the digital transformation initiative and align with Saudi Aramco’s Digital Transformation Program  and Non-Metallic materials Business Strategy including UAV & Robotics, Data Analytics and Additive Manufacturing through transferring latest technologies and promoting research collaborations in taking advantage of its geographical resources in Asia Continent.