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The first Arabic language course at public high school

Since 2010, Aramco Asia Japan (AAJ) has been supporting Kanagawa Prefectural Yokohama Senior High School of International Studies (YIS), which is the very first public high school that offers an Arabic language course in Japan.

The introduction of Arabic in the curriculum was based on the beliefs and factors that:

  • Arabic is an official language of United Nations and spoken widely in the world.
  • Understanding of the Arabic/Islamic world is very important in learning world history as well as international relations, and
  • Students should have an unbiased view in Arabic/Islamic world.

Recognizing the initiative, AAJ assisted the school in renovating and upgrading classrooms with latest equipment to enhance the studying environment. Scholarship is also provided to eligible students on an annual basis.

Aramco Asia Japan representative Nasser AlBogmi presents a certificate to the respective scholars.