Aramco takes effective actions to protect marine and coastal biodiversity

Participants were given the opportunity to feed the corals themselves and get a closer look at the species.

As part of the corporate citizenship initiative this year, Aramco Asia Japan (AAJ) and Innoqua, an environmental conservation startup, jointly presented a hands-on workshop at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) in Tokyo from August 19 to 27 to promote the conservation of marine environment among local children.

Featuring the theme of “creating the ocean’s future with children”, the workshop helped Japanese children learn about marine and costal biodiversity for a sustainable future. Approximately 130 children and their parents gained new knowledge about coral reefs and marine biodiversity.

11 hands-on workshops titled “Find out what corals like to eat!" were held during the period and over 400 people attended. Approximately 9,000 people visited the demonstration area where the water tank with several corals and fish, and panels were exhibited.

Throughout the nine-day event, AAJ and Innoqua, with its unique environmental transfer technology, provided the children with a deeper understanding of the amazing world of coral reefs and the ways to protect them. Elementary and junior high school students who aimed to become future marine environmental researchers were the primary facilitator of the event. Participants were given the opportunity to feed the corals themselves and get a closer look at the species.

At an opening event, AAJ Representative Director Abdullah Jastaniah spoke on Aramco's biodiversity activities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well as efforts to conserve and restore corals in Okinawa, Japan.

Abdullah Jastaniah noted, “Aramco, as an integrated energy and chemical company, is committed to global energy security and sustainability. This can be accomplished through coming up with fresh ideas, thinking and acting in collaboration with the local community to shape a sustainable future.”

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Through a video show of the coral aquaculture project in Okinawa, students learned about coral farming's sustainable procedures and the value of acting responsibly toward the environment.

The significance of corals and the urgent need for conservation were the main cause of the event. Around 400 million years ago, corals first appeared on Earth; now they have made up an important ecosystem that supports 25% of all marine life. Coral, however, became an endangered species as a result of climate change, and it urgently needs to be protected and restored. AAJ has been tackling this issue over the past 12 years and is increasing its social impact by supporting next generation education and engaging in marine environment protection initiatives off the coast of Okinawa.

Last year, Aramco partnered with Innoqua for the first time on a biodiversity program as part of our efforts to educate the next generation. This great opportunity was also made possible by The Miraikan, who is a recipient of OOK donation since 2018.

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