Partnering with us

Together we’re making the impossible, possible

We're working closely with innovative energy businesses in Japan.

As part of our vision to enhance the energy expertise within the region, we're committed to collaborating on technologies and sharing know-how for our mutual benefit.

Powering the future

We work with a range of organizations, driving joint ventures, research and development, and business effectiveness. From pioneering technologies to infrastructure projects and supply chain solutions, we're actively looking for partners in the sector that can help create a bright future.



Here you can find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about becoming a partner business.

Who do you define as a partner?

Partner is the term we use to describe any collaborative relationship we have with businesses and organizations. Our partnerships are focused on delivering a specific project or venture. Sometimes they're led by Saudi Aramco through us here in Aramco Japan, and sometimes they're led by our partners. Partnerships may involve a transfer of knowledge or expertise, and the commitment of people, equipment, land, infrastructure or capital by one or both parties.

Are the partnerships with Aramco Japan or Saudi Aramco?

Any contract or commercial relationship with an organization in Japan or Taiwan is made with Saudi Aramco. However the relationship is managed through our offices here in Japan.

What sort of partnerships have you created?

We collaborate with a wide range of organizations on various energy related projects. They could be on research, developing new technologies and systems, infrastructure projects, renewables – anything that improves efficiency in the energy sector.

How does my organization become a partner?

If you have an idea for a collaboration that will be mutually beneficial, please contact:

Aramco Asia Japan K.K.
Marunouchi Building 26F
2-4-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku
Tokyo 100-6326, Japan

Phone: +81 (3) 6367-3737