Saudi Aramco sets the tone at International LPG Seminar in Tokyo

Ali E. Alam delivers his presentation “Saudi Aramco LPG Export - A Continuous Journey” in Japanese.

The Saudi Aramco LPG team was in the spotlight at the 21st annual International LPG Seminar held on March 3 and 4 in Tokyo. The two-day event attracted more than 630 participants, including 80 attendees from overseas.

Representing Saudi Aramco, Ali E. Alam of LPG Sales and Marketing in the Crude Oil Sales and Marketing Department, made a presentation titled “Saudi Aramco LPG Export - A Continuous Journey”.

His warm opening remarks and professional handling of a question-and-answer session in fluent Japanese captivated the audience.

Alam, who was a Saudi Aramco-sponsored student in 2011, is a graduate of Kansai University, one of the leading learning institutions in the Osaka area.

Alam's presentation covered several topics, including the continuous history of Saudi LPG exports to Japan since 1961, disaster relief initiatives led by the Saudis, the Saudi Aramco-Iwatani standby program that was activated immediately after the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, and the never- ending effort in setting the monthly contract price (CP) since October 1994 to keep it market-reflective, fair, and unbiased.

Alam emphasized Saudi Aramco's traditions of faithful customer care amid rising volatility in the LPG market, as well as the related marine transportation sectors.

He indicated that Saudi LPG export volume this year would start rebounding to levels last seen from 2010 to 2012, this after hitting the bottom in 2014.

He reminded the audience that the Kingdom would continue maintaining the status as a pivotal exporter in the world LPG market.

The Saudi Aramco delegation to the seminar consisted of Ali B. Masoud, senior marketing manager and head of the LPG Sales and Marketing Division in Dhahran, and professionals from the offices in Beijing, Seoul, Singapore, and Tokyo.