Japan: opening new horizons


Aramco Japan, Saudi Aramco’s affiliate based in Tokyo, is opening new horizons, leading new markets and enhancing the company’s growth opportunities in the region. Aramco Japan, the product of a merger of two branch offices of two companies, Aramco Overseas Company, Tokyo and Saudi Petroleum Limited, Tokyo, carries out key support services for Saudi Aramco.

These activities include inspection, information technology, quality management, research and business development and public relations, among others. 

Aramco Japan’s inspectors are the first line of defense in quality assurance. With increasing trade exchanges between operations in Asia and the company’s headquarters in Dhahran, inspection becomes a main element in guaranteeing quality and maintaining the highest standards.

Serving Saudi Aramco’s companies in Tokyo, Beijing, Seoul and Singapore, inspection work also includes quality management and information technologies services. Aramco Asia’s inspection engineers monitor equipment quality through a network of more than 300 engineers in the various Asian countries, plus support from world-renowned quality assurance agencies.

Aramco Japan performs quality monitoring activities for Saudi Aramco projects and joint ventures such as Petro Rabigh Phase II, SATORP and Sadara. “We work with quality representatives of each project to ensure that manufacturers apply the project’s specifications and standards as required and guarantee the quality of purchases such as heavy equipment, thermal exchangers, electrical transformers and high-pressure machines,” said Ibrahim M. Al-Jardan, head of the Quality Management Unit.

The Tokyo office is also responsible for the main server that provides vital information technology services to Aramco Asia offices in China, the Republic of Korea, Singapore and Japan.

When it comes to social responsibility in Japan, there is a significant cooperation between Saudi Aramco and Aramco Asia to support various causes. For example, through the Tokyo office, Saudi Aramco supports the preservation of coral reefs in Okinawa and in cooperation with a Japanese university, has contributed to mangrove-planting campaigns since 2012. When the 2011 earthquake hit Japan, Saudi Arabia was quick to extend help, and Saudi Aramco president and CEO Khalid A. Al-Falih personally visited the disaster-hit areas, meeting with customers and assuring them that cooperation with them will continue and prosper.

In the coming five years, management expects Aramco Japan to support major energy projects, including Saudi Aramco’s expanding chemicals business.