COVID-19: Aramco’s response

The health and safety of our people, communities, operations has always been at the heart of everything we do at Aramco. As we now confront the global spread of COVID-19, this is what drives our response.

We monitor the situation closely every day – site-by-site, country-by-country. We are regularly in touch with our people, with advice and guidance from the authorities in each of the jurisdictions in which we operate.

At all our sites, we have in place on-going, active prevention programs as well as detailed contingency plans and leading medical support services to minimize risk and ensure we can provide the best possible care and limit contagion.

The reliable production and supply of energy is the cornerstone of our company, and our promise to our customers – especially at challenging times like these. At each operating site, our prevention and contingency plans are designed to ensure business continuity, so that we can continue to supply our the world with the energy they need. We are proud of our people who deliver on our promise to supply the world with the energy it needs.

We will continue to provide you updates as the situation develops.

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