Aramco Japan celebrates reopening of "Petroleum Museum" in Niigata with enriched content

Tape-cutting at the ceremony: (From left) Mr. Toyomi Sato, President of Niigata City Assembly, Mr. Omar Al Amudi, Representative Director of Aramco Asia Japan, Mr. Yaichi Nakahara, Mayor of Niigata City, and Mr. Sadayoshi Aoki, President of Kanazu Community Promotion Association


Aramco Asia Japan (“Aramco Japan”) joined the commemoration ceremony of “Sekiyu no Sekaikan,” meaning "Petroleum Museum," which reopened its doors to the public on October 24 after renovation. Located in Akiha-ku (the former Niitsu), Niigata, the Museum is Japan's only institution that specializes in the oil industry. As a part of Aramco's corporate citizenship endeavor under the pillar of knowledge society, Aramco Japan partnered with the City of Niigata and made a financial contribution to enrich the museum experience by making the site a place of inspiration, discovery and learning.

Niitsu is a birth place of Japan's oil industry back in the 17th Century and has greatly contributed to Japan's modernization and industrialization when its oil production boasted the highest earlier in the 20th Century. The reborn museum features exhibitions showcasing many aspects of the industry with videos, photos, panels, and replica of oil exploration and production processes. Some work tools of historical significance had been actually utilized in the long history of Niitsu oil field.

At the ceremony, Omar Al Amudi, Representative Director of Aramco Japan, congratulated the Museum on the reopening. He said, “Aramco started its quest for oil in 1933, 87 years ago. History of Aramco is unmatched in the industry; that said, Niitsu has longer history than Aramco, which is why I call Niigata “SEMPAI (my senior). Today around 40% of Japan's crude demand is met by Aramco, contributing to various aspects of life such as manufacturing, construction, transportation, farming, heating and snow clearing.” Amudi also underscored the importance of energy to transform lives, enhance communities, advance human progress, and sustain the planet. “This is why Aramco takes sustainability and the environment into account in all projects it conducts and continues to focus on research around Carbon capture and utilization and development of new fuels,” he added.

Representing the City of Niigata, Mr. Yaichi Nakahara, Mayor, expressed his gratitude to Aramco for its contribution. “On the occasion of this renovation, I hope even more people will get to know the history of the oil culture, one of the charms in Akiha-ku, and will strive even harder for conservation and utilization of the rich-in-nature Satoyama (Woodland close to the living area) environment here in Niitsu Hills and the heritage of oil industry,” the Mayor concluded.

The ceremony was joined by members of the City Assembly headed by Mr. Tomoya Sato, President, and those who contribute to the Museum's various activities.

In recognition of Aramco's contribution to the Museum, the Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon was awarded under the name of His Majesty the Emperor of Japan. In conjunction with the reopening ceremony, the medal was conferred by Mayor Nakahara to Al Amudi.

Aramco Japan continues to partner with the City of Niigata and other communities and together promote sustainable social and economic development that benefits Japan's future.

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