Aramco Continues Support for the Okinawa Coral Reef Conservation Consortium

AAJ supported a survey of one of the largest coral communities in Japan, commonly known as Nanhanari, located in Kumejima, Okinawa. Phot by Kumejima Fishermen’s Cooperative Association/COLORCODE


Aramco Asia Japan K.K. (Omar M. Al Amudi, Representative Director and President, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, “AAJ”) and the Okinawa Coral Reef Conservation Consortium (Yoshikatsu Nakano, Chairman, Naha City, Okinawa, the “Consortium”) have reached an agreement on a comprehensive partnership to further promote efforts to conserve the marine environment in Okinawa Prefecture that they have supported together over the past 10 years.

As part of its corporate citizenship activities, Aramco has been working with the Consortium since 2011 on a long-term effort to conserve Okinawa's marine environment. Based on an agreement with the Japanese government signed in 2010, Aramco started developing business, utilizing a crude oil terminal in Uruma City, on the east coast of the main island of Okinawa. Since then, Aramco has cooperated through the Consortium in marine environment study, research, monitoring activities, and various events and symposiums such as Coral Reef Week held in the prefecture.

Commenting on the comprehensive agreement, Omar M. Al Amudi, Representative Director and President of AAJ, said: "In addition to the education and public awareness of marine conservation and support for the conservation of local coral reefs that we have been providing, we are very pleased that we have agreed to newly add on activities that will lead to the recovery and restoration of the marine environment to our comprehensive partnership with the Consortium, which will take our activities to a new level. These comprehensive agreements will further promote efforts related to 'Contributing to Local Communities' which Aramco has been focused on, and we will continue to strengthen our mutual cooperation and promote efforts to solve local and global issues."

Nanhanari coral research project received the "Coral Reef Conservation Award" from the Japan Coral Reef Society in recognition of its achievements. Photo: Kumejima Fisheries Cooperative Association/COLORCODE

We received the following comment from Mr. Yoshikatsu Nakano, Chairman of the Okinawa Coral Reef Conservation Consortium.

"Our 10-year collaboration with AAJ on coral reef conservation in the Ryukyu islands has effectively supported conservation activities at the grass roots level, and has been highly evaluated in the Action Plan to Conserve Coral Reef Ecosystem promoted by the Ministry of the Environment. We hope to use this comprehensive partnership as a force to push forward with even more effective activities."

With this agreement, Aramco and the Okinawa Coral Reef Conservation Consortium will further strengthen their partnership, aiming to realize a sustainable society.

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