The in-Kingdom Total Value Add Program

Our In-Kingdom Total Value Add (iktva) program is designed to drive supply-chain efficiency and value across our operations, and to encourage the development of a diverse, sustainable, and globally competitive energy sector in the Kingdom.

Through iktva we are building a world class supply chain to support our needs and the needs of our partners.  The goal of the program is to increase the amount of goods and services procured in the Kingdom to 70 percent by 2021.

As well as driving domestic value creation, iktva prioritizes consistency and transparency to create a level playing field for more than 1000 suppliers we are engaged with across our local and international network.

How to participate in iktva

iktva participation is essentially a two step process:

  1. iktva baseline: using the iktva survey completed by you, we measure and identify your company’s current iktva score.
  2. Action plan: once the baseline has been identified, your company and Saudi Aramco can work together to develop a 5-year iktva action plan to improve your iktva ratio.

The iktva process: what do you need to do to participate in iktva?

  • complete the iktva survey: read the guidelines and complete the survey available in our resources area below to determine your iktva baseline ratio.
  • survey certification: get your completed survey certified by one of our listed audit firms.
  • submit for review: submit your certified survey documents to us for review.
  • develop your action plan: once certified you can use your iktva scoring as a starting point to develop your 5-year action plan, using the guides provided in the resources section.