Strategic Procurement and Logistics

We work with top Japanese as well as other Asian firms to procure a quality supply chain – and help local business flourish.

The Asia Pacific Region is increasingly becoming one of Saudi Aramco’s major procurement regions – over 1500 suppliers and contractors do business with Aramco in the region, and we have more than 800 in Japan alone. Our business relationships are based on cooperation, trust, reliability and communication.

At Aramco Japan, our procurement and logistics team use the company’s international systems to ensure optimum efficiency and value across energy infrastructure and production programs.

End-to-end value

When assessing potential suppliers for materials or services, we look at every aspect of the value equation: quality, delivery, price, reliability, operational costs, after-sales support, and end-use cost.

We use competitive bidding, conducting all transactions fairly and honestly, to the highest levels of professional and ethical standards.

Working with us

If you’re a service business you can register to become a supplier here, or if you’re interested in being a supplier of materials and equipment, please register here.