Material suppliers

Aramco Japan covers Japan, Australia and New Zealand to source high-quality materials for Saudi Aramco. 

Our goal is to meet the Saudi Aramco supply chain demand by building local supplier relationships. How could we work together?

Our work in the region requires the expertise and collaboration of multiple suppliers.

To achieve our aims, it’s vital we work with only the best suppliers – companies able to demonstrate high standards of performance, service and support. To be considered best in class, suppliers must:

  • Achieve 95% of deliveries on time
  • Deliver to purchase order specifications, including all packing and documentation
  • Respond to all service requests in a timely fashion
  • Offer competitive pricing
  • Cater for ad-hoc requests, both low and high volume
  • Be willing to host Aramco interns, promoting closer collaboration
  • Demonstrate environmental and social responsibility, via ISO 14000 accreditation
  • Comply with all relevant heath, environment and safety regulation

Our standard of work

We’re keen to ensure we meet the highest standards in all we do. Our Supplier Code of Conduct outlines the legal and ethical standards we ask our suppliers to meet, in full. All registered vendors, manufacturers, contractors and sub-contractors must agree to this code before working with us.

Download Code of Conduct