New Manufacturing Opportunities


Partnership for mutual benefits

"Our mission is to promote a diverse supply base, by providing the highest level of support to new investment in the local manufacturing sector."

The goal is to satisfy Saudi Aramco supply chain demand and maximize value creation by creating strategic supplier relationships.

Our strategic dimension is to identify new local manufacturing opportunities, increase the national supply base, along with expansion of existing local manufacturers’ diversity and capability.

Saudi Aramco purchases billions in goods and services each year. We partner with local contractors and our suppliers to increase their ability to compete for work and meet our requirements.

In total, there are 24 commodity groups in a broad array of buying needs with requirements that can vary greatly depending on location, operation and/or business.


Pipes and steel structure

  • Welded line pipe
  • Seamless pipe
  • Structural steel

Static equipment

  • Heat transfer equipment
  • Valves & pipe fittings
  • Vessels & columns

Machinery equipment

  • Turbines
  • Pumps & compressors
  • Power transmission

Instrumentation, electrical and IT

  • Instrumentation & transmitters
  • Electrical equipment
  • IT


  • Process chemicals
  • Drilling fluids inhibitors


  • Down-hole equipment
  • Wellhead

Health, safety and environment

  • Environmental
  • Medical
  • Labs
  • Safety and security equipment

Construction & general supply

  • Building materials
  • Community & office supplies
  • Industrial supplies
  • Air conditioning

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