Dimensions International

Dimensions International is published quarterly in English, Chinese and Japanese, and covers corporate developments with a focus on operations and activities in Asia.

In Dimensions International we investigate the reliable distribution of energy to the world, environmental protection and domestic economic development.


Dimensions International Fall 2016

Innovation and Young Saudi Talent Take the Helm in Tanajib: A unique new Offshore Floating Hub — a huge rededicated tanker — has been commissioned by Saudi Aramco’s Marine Department to support offshore drilling operations. The Hub is the first of its kind in the world, and represents a paradigm shift in the way offshore logistics operations are managed.

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Dimensions International Summer 2016

Mohamed Fakier takes extreme run to the edge of the world.

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Dimensions International Spring 2016

Aramco’s newest research and development center (Aramco Research Center-Detroit) was recently inaugurated. This brings the total of company research centers in the U.S. to three.

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Dimensions International Winter 2015

Learn more about Saudi Aramco’s FUELCOM program, a 10-year collaborative research undertaking that is addressing fundamental aspects of hydrocarbon fuel combustion in engines, and enabling R&DC scientists to formulate oil derived fuels that are suitable for the next generation of high efficiency and low emission combustion engines.

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Dimensions International Fall 2015

Take a trip to the ancient city of Al ‘Ula, Saudi Arabia, which houses the archeological site of Madein Saleh and other significant historical remnants from prehistoric civilizations.

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Dimensions International Summer 2015

Building a diversified, knowledge economy — Blazing a trail in Jazan.

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Dimensions International Spring 2015

Saudi Aramco is forging ahead with plans to establish a world integrated park for refining and chemicals in China.

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Dimensions International Winter 2014

Aramco Asia-Korea | Saudi Aramco students in Asia | Discover the "electronic brain" of Saudi Aramco | National Industrial Training Institute training the next generation

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Dimensions International Fall 2014

Aramco Asia-Japan | What does a petroleum engineer really do? | Desert panoramas | Johns Hopkins Joint Venture with Saudi Aramco

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Dimensions International Summer 2014

In this issue, learn about Wasit Gas Plant providing a major boost to the Kingdom's gas production capabilities while also serving as a vital source of thousands of jobs for local citizens as we as expatriates.

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Dimensions International Spring 2014

In this issue, learn about Jazan: The ambitious project is par of the Kingdom-wide initiative. Organizational Health - There's an App for That! 'Ain Dar Well No. 1 has been in operation since 1948.

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Dimensions International Winter 2013

A boost for our national and global economy: The new SATORP refinery. Get an introduction to ‘fracking’ and read about our efforts to save ecosystems in the Arabian Gulf. This and more in last edition of Dimensions.

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Dimensions International Fall 2013

Learn more about Saudi Aramco and its research partners develop a clean-burning, naphtha-fueled engine, booming offshore hub keeps a close eye to keep employees safe and facilities running smoothly.

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Dimensions International Summer 2013

In this issue we have a special report on Manifa, an interview with our prize-winning fuel-efficient car designers, and an insight into training at YASREF.

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Dimensions International Spring 2013

In this issue take a look back at the company's rich history and a glimpse at the great things to come.

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